Local SEO Services in the Philippines

Let me help you build a solid Local SEO Strategy!

SEO has become one of the most important and used terms when it comes to digital marketing, and it’s that Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no other thing but the process of improving a website’s visibility in the organic results from the different online searchers, becoming necessary in order to help the search engines to understand the website’s content and determinate if it is useful or not to the users.

There are, also, different strategies inside the activities and services of a SEO according to the necessities of the business itself.

What is Local SEO?

A perfect example of it is the Local SEO service, which is no other than a strategy to help the business become more visible in the local search results on Google and others online searchers.

With the continuous growth of mobile internet access, mobile search has increased exponentially, therefore Local SEO has become considerably relevant for the success of any business offering local products or services and local marketers.

How does Local SEO works?

Users are constantly seeking for certain types of businesses are in need of results from their immediate area, that’s why online searchers, specifically Google features a local search algorithm which includes a proximity factor, that is no other thing than Google taking the user’s location into account when they search for the local keywords.

Even then, the searcher does not include a city name or a “near me” in their search.

Benefits of Local SEO services

There are some types of business that could specifically take more advantage of this kind of strategy, such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bars, malls, beauty salons, night clubs, different kind of stores, and even schools, since their success depends on the sales and these, at the same time, will depend on how visible and accessible they become for the costumers.

Google owns a particular work dynamic when it comes to doing searches. The results shown every time a search is made are no other than a stored copy of all the sites that Google discovered, not being a search done live at the moment the request is typed on the search bar, as many may think; which is called Google Index.

Through small programs that crawl the web’s content, then they store it in Google’s server is how the index is built. These programs, named “spiders” constantly work at an incredibly and mind-blowing scale, crawling millions of pages at an extremely fast pace, ensuring the index is kept as up to date as possible and new connections and sites are discovered quickly.

Local SEO services I offer

Keeping this in mind, there are different tools such as platforms like Google My Business, and the presence of the local business in this kind of platforms becomes especially important to them and the costumers, since this platform helps to improve their visibility on the internet searches.

Along with other strategies and aspects to take into account to improve the experience of the users, such as the creation of content for the website, including a good description of the products and services, the history of the business, the interaction with costumers/

Another factor that could play a big role here are reviews and recommendations that give more credibility to new potential customers and encourages them to buy the product or service offered. You are more likely to get people interested if they have more references.

The importance of a Local SEO mainly lies in the possibility of increasing the sales of a business by becoming more visible to potential clients and offering them the best experience possible, taking into consideration that the results of an online search may improve decisions that may also lead to actions that may translate themselves into sales.

As a tangible example of not only the importance but also of the benefits that this kind of tools brings to business, we could consider the fast-food industry.

If a potential costumer search online for a pizza delivery from their work place, this strategy will allow them to obtain information about business near them offering this service, but if the search is done from a different location, in the opposite side of the city.

The result that you obtain from this procedure will show the costumer a totally different range of options taking into consideration that the potential client in question will most likely find useful a pizza delivery service located nearby them.

Why choose me?

When hiring someone to work with Local SEO for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as experience and services offered.

In this case, as an experienced SEO Expert, I count with four years of experience working with Local SEO, offering my clients the best and most advanced techniques and the best practices.

Along with what I already mentioned, I also include into my services Google My Business Management, which is an extremely useful and powerful tool, as has been explained before; content creation, local citation, local optimization and guest blog posting, in order to deliver the best service possible to my clients and obtain the best kind of results for their business.