Experienced SEO Consultant in the Philippines

SEO is not one size fits all. Let me help you craft a custom SEO strategy that works!

Why Hire Me?

I am a Filipino SEO Consultant with 5+ years of compact work experience in multiple digital marketing companies based in the Philippines.

My experience has not been restricted to just one industry. I have had the chance to work in various niches such as Home Improvement, Law Firms, eCommerce, lead generation, SEO companies, and more!

Due to my crisp training and experience, I can be the change that your venture has been looking for when applying advanced SEO strategies to achieve your goals.

At the same time, if you compare my services with other SEO experts, you would see that my services are more affordable as I make it a point to build a long-lasting relationship built on cream SEO services. 

What is SEO? And Why is It Important?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice that focuses on boosting a website’s visibility through optimization.

In simple terms, SEO helps the customers reach your website when they search for something highly-relevant to your website or is one of your characteristics. In case someone searches for “Asian Restaurants Near Me”, a wide range of factors such as location, reviews, and most importantly, keywords are some of the factors that go into the process of presenting the results to you. 

Stepping into a world where everything is slowly creating an online presence for marketing, it is essential to have a strong SEO. A robust backend SEO is the only way to fetch you quality and quantity customers.

Note that your SEO is strong only if you rank higher on the search results page. Your brand’s visibility should be there when someone is looking for a characteristic that well describes your brand.

How Does SEO work?

Search Engines use crawlers on the internet who are sent to collect various information and characteristic description of your business or your page in general. All of this information, along with a few other factors, are stored in order to build an index.

Along with your page’s content, some of the factors like title tags, page speed, compatibility with mobile and desktop, and backlinks also play a huge role in determining your SEO strategy’s quality. 

Based on the crawlers’ information and these off-page factors, the search engine picks and chooses the most appropriate options when a user looks for a particular thing. The crawler is not a human being or a random animal that walks on the web; instead, it is an automated bot that works on an algorithm (which changes from time to time). 

SEO is not one size fits all. The strategy will depend on many metrics such as the site’s goal, site’s age and authoritativeness, backlinks, and more. Hence, it’s necessary to ask your SEO Consultant before hiring them.


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Grow your philippine business with seo

Search Engine Optimization’s fundamental aspect is to test how relevant your website’s keywords are against what consumers search for on the internet. About 3.5 billion searches are made on the internet every day.

A crawler has to consider over 1.5 billion websites before the relevant options are furnished on the web page. These websites are competing for the top rank when it comes to the search results on a search engine.

The task becomes fairly complex for website owners. Still, a simple goal of increasing search visibility and traffic on the internet can be achieved by using the most refined and relevant keywords. 

If you are running a business in the Philippines, nothing can limit your brand’s visibility if you take up the right SEO strategy crafted by an SEO expert.

According to a report, there are 76 million internet users in the Philippines, and they spend the most amount of time online, which comes to an average of about 10:02 hours a day on any device.

The internet population is only growing at 30 million users per year, so for a fact, it is not too difficult to build an online presence for businesses in the Philippines if equipped with the right strategies.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation of the overall strategy. Selecting the right keywords is key to a successful SEO.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing that is compelling, SEO-friendly, valuable, and consistent. All in one.

Link Building

As an SEO Expert, I build backlinks by finding high-quality and relevant sites, then doing an outreach.

Local SEO

If you want to boost your local presence in search engine, you will need a solid Local SEO strategy that drives results


1st Step: Fill Out Intake Form

In this stage, I will get to know your basic information, your digital marketing goals, and plan.

2nd Step: Initial Audit

After knowing your marketing goals, I will assess and audit your site. Here, we will see your site’s strength and weaknesses.

3rd Step: Map a Custom Strategy

I will create a custom SEO strategy that will depend on the goals you’ve given. (this includes selecting keywords, competitor analysis, and content plan & creation)

4th Step: Implementation

Once all are mapped out and approved by you, this is the time I fix the SEO basics and implement on-page and off-page plan.

5th Step: Monitor Traffic & Rankings

After implementing the SEO plan, this time is the waiting game. It usually takes 5-6 months to see results.

Fast facts about seo

  1. In 2021, Google has accounted for 70% of the total search engine users online, followed by Baidu, Bing and Yahoo.
  2. 360 million searches have been accounted by Google in 2021 up to this date
  3. 67.70% users generally settle for the first five organic results that come on top of the page.
  4. Google’s search engine algorithm uses about 200 factors to rank the webpages in order.
  5. The more backlinks attached to the page, the better the results from the search engine traffic.
  6. 55.24 % of the existing webpages online do not have a single backlink.
  7. According to most of the digital marketers, SEO is better than PPC.
  8. While following the market research trends, it was found that only 55% of the total population on the internet used a mobile phone, whereas only 42% used a desktop. It is also assumed that by 2025, the mobile internet users will rise to 75%.

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